The Place (Creative Visioning)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a beautiful Being now glides over the face of the earth, graceful, translucent, with a serene face and flowing hair. She is immeasurable in size. Her hands are together in the sleeves of her long pale jade green robe that ripples all over with silky waves shimmering in the sunlight.

As she passes, the colors of the countries below pulse slightly brighter, waters clear, feelings and thoughts of people elevate in her wake – all life elements are transformed as she passes, though they can’t see her. Only you and I.

She approaches the great sea and smiles radiantly; extending her hands out of her robes in blessing. The wind moves in waves around her, gently lifting her hair. I hear the wind, and I too feel the salty spray on my face. She moves steadily forward over the water towards the “Place.”

Dolphins leap along in joy; whales thrust their immense forms up out of the water and fall back into magnificent belly flops. The sun sparkles on the pearly foam of cresting waves. It takes my breath away.

Many formations of seabirds fly in attendance. She appears to be born of the clear blue topaz sky, yet belongs to the earth. Is she Venus? I fly in my mind up close to her heart. I hear its beat, and the soft hiss of her rippling silks. I tilt my head and hear the grand symphony of thousands of calling birds and of their wings in flight. Who are you?, I ask.

My eyes mist over and my heart pulses with the desire for this to be so – to be real – to really be happening.

I feel her great compassion envelope me and all that is. She is our mother of course, and there is not one cell not one soul she does not love. She is the soul of Earth, taking form in answer to the call from all over the world, and further. Such a call created a vortex of energy of caring and sacrifice that she could not resist. “Now this is more like it,” she said to me, and then, “The souls of Earth are gods, you know.” Then she moved over Haiti, arms out as though embracing the island; a great shimmering silk scarf descending into the busy rescue activity of countless men and women from many worlds . “Hey, wait for me,” I yelled.
She answered, “You are with me, we are one.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful…..