My husband and I, and actually the two dogs, (…and the parrots,) watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s DVD, “The Eleventh Hour” last night.  How we managed to miss it in the 3 years since it was released is embarrassing – we are followers of earth-defending/people-awakening films.  Maybe because we do not watch mainstream media much and  it became available on Netflix.

There are more and more documentary movies coming out in the mainstream using the media in integral ways: to raise the consciousness, to educate and enlighten the public, to present new facts, parallels, the great acts of man, the great beauty of our planet, and last but really first in importance, and the aim of this DVD, to expose again the predicted consequences of our greedy and ignorant misuse of Earth’s resources. 

Our planet is in trouble, and so then are we, if we are conscious and honest. “Environmentalist”  is finally the word for Tree Hugger which was used with a patronizing smile a couple of decades ago for those people who were special interest focused and not seeing the big picture…? All along, those Tree-Huggers were right on.  The alternative edge of thought is often where the seeds of truth are found. 

The “11th Hour” DVD so arrested my attention and disturbed me that I dreamed last night that I was trying to convince an acquaintance of mine,  an influential mover and a shaker, who normally I wouldn’t have the nerve to approach, to please see the DVD and get involved to help save the planet.  You know how dreams are, uniquely intense when you are in them, and often quite goofy and foolish when you share them, (or blog them) But it was a very real feeling dream. I was pleading for him to hear the truth about our planet.  He said, “well, what  can we do?”

And I answered him with great urging, “the DVD said we each need to look deep inside and see what our individual gift is, our passion, our contribution and start sharing it.”   And then I woke up! – crabby and distracted.  A few moments  later, I remembered another speaker in the DVD, Mr. Suzuki,  whose beautiful candid outreach was directed at our common sense, or perhaps to our souls. I wanted to go back and tell the influential guy in the dream what Mr. Suzuki asked us. And it was this:   “what is the highest we, mankind, can feel, or reach for?” —palms up he said,  “Love!”  and he shrugged almost apologetically as though for not coming up with something more ingenious or in some global savvy, trendy lingo.  I was sorry I couldn’t go back and tell the dream guy about Mr. Suzuki.  I rubbed my aching forehead at the fuzzy transition between dreams and waking.

I was left with a message, like a big package, on my doorstep.  I felt I could not ignore it. Step around it?  Kick it aside? Maybe I should muster up the courage and approach the mover and shaker.  Maybe he really represents my own inner mover and shaker.

All of the 11th Hour presenters were excellent, sincere and brief.  I found the absence of lengthy rhetoric  in the DVD very effective use of media.  It was easy to follow,  hard as it was to watch.  Its news was not good but it had honesty and integrity in it’s content, and intention; to crack the shell of inertia,  illusion and fear of change in us. 

I believe that there are other levels of outreach  in operation.  Teachers of 2012 predictions have much to say about cycles, and ancient myth and wisdom; astrologers talk about the configurations of the stars and their influence upon us.  Some interpreters of Christianity suggest the Savior of man will return within us.  I  listen and consider it all.  I feel deep inside me that the true change must and will happen in us and by us, from our willing, awake, effort to alter our way of seeing things,  and how we live with each other, and our earth.

I have woken up with the strong need to put Earth first in my consciousness.  How? I will daily ask, “what can I do for the earth today?”   Maybe a letter to be written, a phone call to someone of like mind, a gathering of friends to plan a fund raising idea.  Maybe a prayer or meditation.  Maybe a piece of art is in me.   As the DVD, “The 11th Hour” teaches, “We are not separate from nature. We are Nature.”  We are the Earth.