Where would I be without a notebook to write the sometimes grumbling, often exciting,  nagging or inspired ideas that will not leave me alone.  I  have written my way from depression to well-being in pages of my journals over the years, and some good ideas have been born in them.  How fortunate I am to have this drive so strong that it has not gone away since the shoe box of pen palls I kept organized at eight years old.   That is enough to call myself a writer.

I also write as newspaper correspondent covering human interest events in the eclectic place where I live in south central Montana.  Here traditional ranchers rub elbows with modern city transplants,  actors and artists,  Natives, new-agers, and just plain rural folk.  Montana draws the unusual, the creative, certainly the rebellious and freedom seekers, so the material for interviews  and essays about life and relationships is endless.  From it all I hope to stimulate community spirit, which is on the rise everywhere.

Why else write?   It is such a huge responsibility.  Here it is, my opinion   about attention, which is a tangible energy:  When the reader is absorbing your words (spoken is potent too) they are giving your message their energy, which is attention, and your words have the power to inspire, amuse, teach, inform, alter and influence.   We give our energy willingly to TV, which is a good example of your energy going willingly into — lets be truthful — a dumb place, a drain hole mostly.

We need more integrity in all media, all genres.  I cannot will not ask for the attention of the reader/listener in good conscience otherwise. Why else write?  Art of all mediums should inspire, uplift, teach, raise consciousness.   Writers in history have been the ones who stimulated change.  Tell the truth. Weave clever costumes of truth into fiction.  Be true to yourself and you will feel it in your heart.

I was born a creative with a right brain list.   If you are too, step forward into the most important influence on earth right now.  There is so much negative art and downward spiraling media in our world. Our creative imagination is, for lack of a better word, God in us.   If you don’t do “godspeak” then call it magic which can be directed towards the positive,  your unique brilliance expressed and used for the love of all life on earth.  We are creators of tomorrow. Why else write?