castle cropped

Princess in search of hero: inquire within.

Soft snowflakes fell on a lonely castle high on a hill, somewhere far far away…but still in our galaxy. The lovely princess Anna Thea looked at the gray daylight from the narrow slit in the thick wall of the dark tower in which she was locked. Fireflies twinkled in her fair hair, or more likely diamonds reflecting the fire in the hearth. She wore a long flowing pale green satin gown under a lush white, gem-dotted fur lined-robe that trailed around her as she paced.

Anna Thea had just bribed the handsome, helmeted (and well built) tower guard, Gerod, to find and bring the old witch in the forest to her. Because the old crone had a reputation with the villagers for healing and wise counsel and because Anna Thea, despite a pretty appearance was confused and afraid. Gerod found a temporary replacement and did the princess’s bidding.

Some hours later, the heavy iron tower door creaked slowly open at last and a small, bent over hooded figure with a cane hobbled in. Gerod looked nervously behind him and slammed the heavy iron door closed again with a loud clank making the old woman jump and swear, but she squared her narrow old shoulders, and pushed back the hood of her dark old cloak to reveal an ancient lined face with dark sparkling eyes. Little feathers tied to her thin white tresses lifted up in invisible waves of energy. The Crone smiled big displaying only a few teeth but with great warmth and affection.

Anna Thea caught her breath at this stunning sight, and ran to embrace her. “Oh Corinda!” sobbed the princess and she spilled her story without any commas and then cried, “What is happening to me?! Why am I here?!”  The crone was silent for a long moment, then took the princess’s hand and held it to her cool wrinkled cheek. The princess looked into the ageless depth of those dark eyes, and then the Crone spoke in a surprisingly soft and motherly tone:

“In the dark corners of doubt you hide from who you really are inside,
you sabotage, ignore and resist who you are.
Outer circumstances reflect this conflict,
so real the stone prison tower and the physical plane,
but compared to who you are inside, it’s walls are light as rain.
The invisible One let manifest this hard and lonely state;
to teach you that this prison you yourself did create!”

Tears of release crept down the princesses alabaster cheeks, but she cleared her throat and said, “Excuse me? Maybe I wasn’t making myself clear. I woke up and found myself here! Everything is so dark and cold and drear! I cry for help and nobody hears but the wolves in the forest, who howl and mock my fears. Oh but I could squeeze out that window!,…alas made only wide enough for arrows,…and I would jump.” Then the princess fell into a slump.

Corinda the Forest Crone rolled her eyes and sighed and slapped the princess (not very hard…) and took out a wand and waved it. With a tinkling sound like shattering wine glasses, the princess’s posh clothes turned into those of a peasant girl. Anna Thea gasped and curled her lip and said, “why did you do that?” and the Crone took her by the hand, led her to sit near the fireplace and said, “lets have a little chat.”

Continued next issue.